Marriage from A to Z

Principles for a Successful Marriage



“What Are People Saying About

Marriage from A to Z?”


“This book has been a good resource for me. It is a tool God uses to transform my thinking when I encounter challenges in my marriage. It is my quick reference guide!”     -Ebony P.


“I started reading this book and can’t put it down!” -First Lady Rose G.


“This book has already began to make a difference in my life and in my marriage. I wanted you to know that this book is a blessing. I think it’s a wonderful think that your husband and you are being such an inspiration to others. Continue to be a blessing and inspiration to married women.” -Mia N.


“Marriage from A to Z is truly a blessing to me, a gift from God, and I intend to share this gift with my married girlfriends.” Dyan B.


4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Thank you Carolyn for sharing your gift with us! Your book and blog are excellent tools to help maintain, improve, and help other marriages to thrive. We are blessed by your obedience to God and your willingness to allow Him to use you for His glory!

  2. Shirley Wright on said:

    Hey Carolyn, This is Mom and I am so proud of you! I now know why God blessed me with you! Continue to stay the sweet daughter, granddaughter, sister, loving wife and mother to my grandchildren and being a blessing to others!!!

  3. jamesparker886 on said:

    I read this book from A to Z, and I must say it helped me to maintain my marriage.
    Thanks Carolyn, I can see you put a lot of thought in this book. Write another one, I will buy it.

  4. Christina F. on said:

    Carolyn I have read your book Marriage From A to Z in the past. I must say taking your class for singles has been an unexpected joy. The class details each principles with real life examples of the rewards of following His way or the trials we may face if we seek our own path. I have been challenged yet truly blessed by your book and teachings. I look forward to reading more books authored by you in the future and definitely taking more class under your tutelage.

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