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Are You Normally On Time or Late?


     Have you and your spouse ever had an argument because you were late, running late or missed an event?  You find yourself rushing, fussing and stressed trying to get to an event.    Being late can cause major problems in a relationship and in life in general. Time affects everyone!  We each are given 24 hours in a day and how we manage our time affects our relationship with our spouse, children, friends,family, and co-workers.  This week I want to encourage you to be on time!

     All throughout your relationships you will have events and appointments that require you to be on time.  If you don’t master managing your time, you can cause great disappointment and problems.  The thing about time is that you can never get it back.  How are you doing in this area?  Maybe you are always punctual and if so that’s great! Keep it up!  This message is for those like me who sometimes struggle with getting to places on time.  Normally, I am on time for most events, however, I have my moments where time has slipped away from me.   

     Did you know that being on time is a character trait?  It’s called punctuality.  Punctuality means to be on time, prompt, reliable, and to have regularity.  The opposite is to be late, tardy or delayed.   Punctuality is a very important character quality.  When we manage our time well, God is pleased and it blesses others.  It shows others that you respect their time.  It usually doesn’t take long for people to tell if punctuality is a part of your character or not.  If you regularly display the opposite quality TARDINESS, it means that you have a low regard for other people’s feelings or their schedules  Ouch!!

     Take a moment to check yourself.  Do you get to your job on time?  Do you get your child to school, practice or rehearsal on time?  Do you go to church on time?  I admit, I have to work on this one.  If you are in control of a meeting, do you start and end on time? When you tell your friend that you will meet them at a certain time, can they count on you to be punctual?  When you and your spouse are going to a wedding do you arrive on time?  One of the one’s that God convicted me of is making sure that I drive my son to school on time.  You see kids don’t drive so if they are late going some where it’s usually because of an adult. We set our children up for stress, or missing something when they don’t arrive on time.  Tardiness is a bad habit and we should not pass it on to our children.  

     This week I want to encourage you to join me as I strive to be more intentional about being ON TIME.  Whenever you have to be some where, take a moment to process what time you need to leave in order to arrive on time.  It is better to allow yourself more time than not enough.  Strive to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time.  God is ALWAYS on time and we should strive to be like Him! There are extra blessings in store for those who arrive ON TIME!  

Until next week  . . .




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2 thoughts on “Are You Normally On Time or Late?

  1. Thank you for that word! I’m praying for deliverance as I become more intentional about being punctual. 🙂

  2. I am always dealing with this. It causes so much stress when I find we are rushing. Working very hard to break this.

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