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“Are you treasuring each day?”

Last July, we almost lost Ciara our 14 year old daughter. She woke up with breathing problems due to a partially collapsed lung. It was so scary! We spent 9 days in Children’s Hospital, she had surgery and thank God her health was restored. Ciara’s illness caused me to think about the fact that she could leave here way before I ever imagined.

We tend to have in our mind that we are going live a certain amount of years and that our children will out live us. However, we all know and have witnessed many situations where this is not the case. We don’t know the number of days and hours that any one has. Only God knows. Therefore, we must treasure every moment.

One of the truths that was shared on the Couple’s Retreat is that “Your marriage is not forever.” We must treasure every day that we get to spend with our husband, wife, children, family and friends. Let them know how you value their very presence. Enjoy every moment that God gives you with your loved ones so that there are no regrets.

Embracing this truth can put happiness in your marriage and any relationship. Please check out Fawn Weaver’s blog

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