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What Are You Embracing?


To EMBRACE is  . . .
To take in with your eye or mind.
To encircle, surround; enclose.
To take or receive gladly or willingly.
To avail (to be of use) oneself of.
Something regarded as a deity (god) in your life.

    One of the most popular schemes that the enemy uses against us is to get us to EMBRACE something or someone who pulls us away from drawing closer to God, the things of God or the people of God.  I have found this to be true especially in working with women.
The enemy sees her on the road of success in her walk with God, her career and striving to do the right things. All of a sudden, he places a man in the picture. He looks good, talks good and says the right things to grab her interest. She EMBRACES him, and her world begins to change for the negative. She slowly begins to stop doing some of the positive things that she was doing.  This may mean that she doesn’t attend church as much, she may not spend time with her family as much, she use to spend more time seeking God, but the relationship that she has embraced has pulled her further away from the things of God and the people of God. Sometimes this man will express an interest in the things of God only to fool you. You can usually tell how genuine he is about God by his day to day conversation, his choices and his behaviors. Unfortunately, If a woman really wants to be in a relationship with someone or really wants to be married, she will fall for this guy. I have seen this happen too many times. Ladies and gents we must stop embracing men, women or anything that will lead us into sin or take us away from God and the things of God.  Our goal should be to embrace relationships and things that  will enhance our relationship with God, dreams, goals and not hinder it. If you marry a person like the one I described, it will create difficulties and tribulation that could have been avoided. Remember when people show you who they are believe them (Maya Angelo). Don’t think it will change if you marry this person.

      I have asked myself what am I embracing that causes me to fall into sin? This is a word for me because I have allowed the enemy to place negative thoughts in my mind that I have embraced.  These thoughts create fear, doubt, unbelief and this is sin. You see if the enemy gets us to embrace something negative in our minds, he can put us in a bad place. What I have learned to do is to find a scripture to replace the negative thought. I say the scripture each time the enemy tries to get me to embrace something negative.  The word of God is powerful!

     In Ezekiel 14:3 the scripture says “Son of man these leaders have set up idols in their hearts. They have embraced things that will make them fall into sin.” (NLT) God revealed to Ezekiel that this group of leaders were double-minded men. Outwardly, they came to seek a word from God through the prophet but in their hearts they were embracing other gods.

     So this week I want to encourage you to evaluate your life, your mind and your heart and check out what you are embracing. Is there anything there that causes you to fall into sin? If so, surrender it to God, ask God to forgive you and do what’s necessary to turn away from whatever or whoever it is.  Embrace those things that are good, healthy and that bring you closer to God.

Until next week. . .


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  1. Bellamy on said:

    This is a good word!

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