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“Take Inventory”


    A few days ago I was helping my son clean out his closet, and we discovered 2 nice shirts that he forgot that he had. One of the shirts was in the back of his closet and still had the price tag.  The other shirt was hanging underneath of a jacket. Since the shirt was hidden, he didn’t know that it was there.  I was excited because both are shirts that he likes, he can still fit them, and they are perfect for the winter.  This experience reminded me that often times we already have what we need. We may not realize it because we can’t see it or because, it is hidden.  Think about this in the natural and in the spirit.   As we prepare to end this year, I want to encourage you to  “Take Inventory!”

    What does it mean to “Take Inventory?”  I am glad that you asked.  It means taking a look at what you “already” have. Are you well stocked? Check your closets, pantry, drawers, cabinets etc.  Look for items that are still good, check expiration dates and see if there are any expired items.  Check to see if there is anything that you no longer wear and can’t fit. Perhaps someone can be blessed by these items.   Get rid of over crowded and cluttered areas in your home.  Often times we are holding on to things for future use and someone could be using them.  Being able to clear some space in your pantry, closet or on a shelf is a great way to start the new year. Taking inventory can save you some time, money and be a blessing to any relationship.  When you can clearly see and know exactly what you have, you can avoid making purchases for things that you don’t need.

     Although this is something that we can easily do in the natural, I also want to encourage you to do this in the spiritual. Take a look at all that God has already given to you.  He has given you skills, talents and gifts that were meant for you to share and bless others.   Some times we don’t use our gifts because we forget that we have them or because they are hidden and need to be revealed.  What has God already given to you that you are not using?  Pray and ask God to reveal it and to show you where you need to “Take Inventory!”

Until next week . . .



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