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“Do You Have True Love?”

true love

        Is your love true or false?   “I love you!” are the wonderful words that everyone wants to hear before they decide to get married. A wedding takes place, and they each say their vows before a crowd.    After the wedding, life has a way of changing and bringing unexpected challenges.  For example; the death of a parent, a close loved one or a friend, a loss of a job, loss of a child, sickness or simply learning something about your spouse that you did not know.  These challenges will often test your love for each other.  Any one can say, “I love you” when everything is great, but what are you saying when things are not so great?

       False love will let you down.  It does not endure, it will not be there when you really need it to be,  It can’t be trusted.  It is overly sensitive and gets angry quickly.  It hurts, and it can lead to destruction, divorce and disappointment.  “True” love makes healthy marriages, families and lasting relationships.  It is defined in first Corinthians 13:4-13.  Let’s check out some of the characteristics of “True” Love:

  1. Love suffers long and is kind
  2. Love does not envy
  3. Love does not parade itself
  4. Love is not provoked
  5. Love thinks no evil
  6. Love does not rejoice in iniquity
  7. Love rejoices in the truth
  8. Love bears all things
  9. Love believes all things
  10. Love hopes all things
  11. Love endures all things
  12. Love never fails

God is Love and “True” love can only come from having a relationship with Him.  Without God, it would be impossible to live out I Corinthians 13.   God is the only one who can help us to truly love when our flesh wants to give up, cut a person off or just be mean.  When you feel like you are running out of love and have given all that you can give, go to God (Love) and get a fresh supply.  He never runs out.  Allow God to give you “True” love.

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  1. Elisha Harris on said:

    Thank you for this encouragement

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