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Why Every Marriage Needs A Vacation?


     This week I am writing from a wonderful resort in Florida. My husband and I have come with our children to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary, have some quality time and most importantly to have a vacation. We have found that a vacation is vital to being healthy and having healthy relationships.
As we lie in bed and reflect on the ways that taking a vacation has helped our marriage, we want to share them with you. Some of you are already on board with vacationing, but there are some who are not for various reasons. They are afraid to leave their jobs or stop their own business for any length of time (especially entrepreneurs). You must trust God, and believe that He will take care of everything while you are away. For some, it may be the money, but I am a witness that God can provide time away with little to pay.   The benefits are so great that you can’t afford not to vacation.
10 Reasons Why Every Marriage Needs A Vacation:

(Although I am specifically talking about marriage, many of these reasons apply to singles)
1. Rest – Relief and freedom from everything that wearies, troubles or disturbs you. Having inactivity, sleep, solitude with a mental and spiritual calmness.  Being able to rest is good for the body and the mind.  We can become so irritated with each other when we haven’t had enough rest.
2. Relax – Relief from bodily or mental work, effort or application. Allowing your body to move at a slower pace is relaxing.
3. Reconnect – To establish communication between, to join, link or fasten together.  Having undisturbed time together allows us to talk face to face with no rush.  Reconnecting brings us closer to  each other and with our children.
4. Refocus – To direct one’s attention or efforts, to focus. Some times life, work and raising a family can take the focus off of the marriage, and we need to refocus on each other and do what God is calling us to do.
5. Rejuvenate – To make young again, restore to youthful vigor and appearance. To make fresh or new again. When we leave from a real vacation, we are rejuvenated and ready for whatever God has next.
6. Renew – To make effective for an additional period. To revive! A vacation helps us to renew our commitment to God, each other and our children.
7. Relationships – A connection, association or involvement. A vacation helps us to strengthen our family relationships.  When mom and dad are getting along well, it makes life pleasant for the children.  By the way, some vacations are with our children and some are just for the two of us.
8. Rekindle – To excite, stir up or rouse anew.  To cause to burn again. A vacation helps us to rekindle our relationships with each other and with God.  Some of our best ideas come while we are on vacation.
9. Reflect – To think, ponder or meditate. A vacation gives us time to reflect on what God has done and to dream about what we are believing Him to do.
(After doing 1-9 you are now ready for romance) Many aren’t romantic because they are too tired to do anything.
10. Romance – To court or woo (to seek the favor, affection and love of your spouse) romantically.
Adding some romance to your vacation is one of the best parts.  (smile)

     In Exodus 20:8-11 God commands us to take the seventh day of each week to rest. It’s called the Sabbath day! Many of us including me don’t always keep this commandment.   Having or not having a Sabbath day affects how we function the rest of the week.  Imagine giving your body and mind a vacation every seven days.

Until next week . . .


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4 thoughts on “Why Every Marriage Needs A Vacation?

  1. K.Perry on said:

    Thanks for the reminder that everybody whether married or single need time to rest, relax and release. I enjoy all of your blogs. To God be the Glory!

  2. Stan Featherstone on said:

    Good stuff. Thank you.

    Very Respectfully, SF


  3. T. Jenkins on said:

    This is a good article and good reminder for married couples and singles. My wife and I believe in taking a vacation every year.

  4. Tanisha on said:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

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