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Do You Remember Your First Love?

How many of you can remember the first person that you fell in love with? What made your love grow?  What did you do with your first love? What do you think about when you think of your first love?

Here is what I think of. . .

  1. You can’t wait to see them.
  2. You look forward to spending time together.
  3. You wake up thinking about them.
  4. You think about them all throughout the day.
  5. You want to talk to them frequently.
  6. You make them a priority.
  7. You go to bed thinking about them.
  8. You want others to know about your first love.
  9. You spend hours talking on the phone and lose track of time.
  10. You want to learn as much as you can about them.
  11. You enjoyed just being still thinking about them.
  12. You would lose sleep just to spend time with them.
  13. You just smiled when you thought of them.

Can anyone relate to this? This is what many of us experienced with our first love. Guess what? God wants to be your first love. Is He?  In Revelation 2:4 Jesus says,  “Yet I hold this against you.  You have forsaken your first love.”  How is your current relationship with the Lord?  Do you treat Him like He is your first love? He wants to be your number one priority. He is tired of being placed on the back burner of your life, your marriage and your relationships. Re-read  all of the things that happen with your first love and think about God. This is how He wants to be treated.

Since Jesus really is the reason for this season. Treat Him like He is your first love. Don’t forsake your first love!

 Until next week  . . .

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One thought on “Do You Remember Your First Love?

  1. Awesome food for thought.

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