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Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

If you are married you should show some signs.  If you are single you should respect the signs.  A wedding ring is one of the oldest signs that is used to indicate that the  wearer is married.  When someone wants to know if a man or woman is taken, they automatically look for a ring.  The wedding ring is a sign that everyone should read but unfortunately, we live in a world where the sign is often ignored.  On the other hand, there are some who wear the sign but confuse others because their behavior does not indicate marriage.  This week’s blog is just a reminder that the wedding ring is significant.

  1. Traditionally it is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger called the “Vena Amoris” also called the “Vein of Love.”  The Vein of Love was said to be directly connected to the heart. (Think about this each time that you look at your ring)
  2.  The shape of a ring is a circle and was meant to represent a symbol of eternity.  Notice there is no beginning and no end.  (Our love should be for eternity and have no end, “til death us do part”).
  3.  It’s a visual sign that speaks for you.  It says, “I am in a covenant relationship” without you having to say a word.  It can serve as protection.  (Be sure that your behavior/conduct also says that you are in a covenant relationship)
  4. The circle of space inside of the ring symbolizes the unknown. (This is very interesting because when you first get married,  you truly have no idea of what you are really getting yourself into.  There are so many unknowns.)
  5. Back in the day, men who went to war would wear rings as a reminder that they have a wife back home.  (Your wedding ring should always be a reminder of your spouse)
  6. Most wedding rings are made out of precious but durable metals like gold, silver or platinum. (Your marriage is precious and it should be durable so that it can weather the storms of life)
  7. It’s the one thing from your wedding day that you wear every day.  (It is a constant reminder of the vows and commitment of marriage)

With all of that being said, I hope that all of the married people will wear their rings. Truly it is a blessing to be married and to have someone to be committed to.  Wear your sign and let everyone know that you have entered God’s wonderful institution of marriage.

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One thought on “Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring?

  1. Janice Octavia Nelson on said:

    If you are married you should show some signs… Thank you for being an icing on the cake of a great love conversation that started in our home this morning! Hubby shared this morning the joy of holding my hand when walking together whether it be in public, church, etc. He added the simplicity of a kiss when we greet one another and how we are often joked by others… “the Love Birds” Before leaving for work he concluded our morning discussion with the importance of him wearing his ring is to him (the Sign). He said to me…”I can’t take you to work but I can show the world the sign that I am covered in love”. Thank you Marriage A to Z!
    Janice O. Nelson

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