Marriage from A to Z

Principles for a Successful Marriage

“Wait until it pleases!”

Wait until it pleases!  Most people know that God created sex for marriage, however so many singles are choosing not to wait.  Waiting has it challenges but the rewards and blessings far out way the challenges.  Not waiting may bring physical satisfaction for the moment but it also brings challenges and consequences that  no one wants to discuss.  There is a reason that we are instructed to wait until it pleases three times in Song of Songs (Song of Songs 2:7, 3:15, 8:4).  Is there anyone listening?

Sex before marriage does not please God.  Sex within marriage is what pleases God.  If your goal is to do what pleases God and you are not married, your instructions from God is to WAIT!  Since this is God’s will, He will help you and keep you if you desire to be obedient.  I am a witness!   If you are married, you should be enjoying every opportunity that you get to be intimate with your spouse.  Both instructions sound so simple but can be difficult to carry out.

Whenever we choose to do life our way and not God’s way, we will suffer with the consequences.  One of the consequences of not waiting is that it messes with your strength (your mind).  Proverbs 31:3 says do not spend your strength on women . . . Pre-marital sex pulls on your mental power, mental energy and your physical energy. In other words, you can’t focus on what God really wants you to focus on because your mind is so tied up in that man or woman who isn’t your spouse.  When multiple partners are involved its even worse,  your mind is so affected that you become weak.  This is why the mother in Proverbs 31 advises her son King Lemuel not to give up his strength to women. This is a word for all singles (male and female). For the married couples, I encourage you to  enjoy sex as often as possible!  A frequent, healthy and holy sex life has many benefits. Each time that a husband and a wife physically come together, it pleases God, strengthens and unites a couple as one.

Would you like to continue discussing this topic?  For the month of August I will be blogging and using Periscope (@Carolyntatem) to discuss topics in my latest book, “Embracing Excellence” (A 31-Day Journey through Proverbs 31).  It’s perfect for men, women and our teens.  You can learn more about it or purchase it on or  Today’s topic (Day 3) is titled “Don’t Give Up Your Strength.”  This topic goes hand and hand with the message of waiting until it pleases.  Feel free to tune in to the scope this evening (Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 6/7 PM).

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