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“Want a Prosperous Marriage in 2018?”

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Do you want a prosperous marriage in 2018?  How bad do you want it?  Are you willing to do what it takes to make your marriage prosperous?  First, lets look at what it means to prosper.  To prosper is to: “flourish physically, grow strong, healthy and  to succeed.”  God wants us to have marriages that are flourishing, strong and healthy.  No matter what may have happened in 2017, God is able to make your marriage prosperous!   With God ALL things are possible!  (Matthew 19:26)

How to Have a Prosperous Marriage in 2018?

  1. P = Pray together on a daily basis.  Include God in your everyday marriage.
  2. R = Read something from God’s Word as often as you can.  Read it, discuss it and apply it to your marriage.
  3. O = Obey God and Obey His Word! Be obedient in giving to God through tithing  and giving to others.
  4. S  = Schedule regular time together.  Invest as much time in your marriage and your spouse as you can. Seek God first (Matthew 6:33) and make your spouse your number 1# Human priority.  Take your marriage to church every Sunday.
  5. P = Play together!  Have fun and enjoy each other.
  6. E = Exemplify Everlasting Love!  Have a love that endures every season.
  7. R = Regular Forgiveness and Gratitude! Practice forgiving and say, “thank you” often.
  8. O = Be Open to trying something new this year.  Do something new together, go somewhere you have never been together and create new memories.
  9. U = Understand your spouse.  Go deeper, learn more about your husband/wife, ask questions and discover more about their upbringing.  Believe it or not, it has helped to shape the person that you have married.  Dwell with understanding!
  10. S = Share your heart on a regular basis.  Communicate your expectations, desires and your dreams.  Be honest!

You have probably heard these things before, but are you doing them on a consistent basis?  When we do things the same way, we get the same results. It’s time to do some things differently.  What does your spouse desire from you? (If you don’t know, ask!) I pray that God will speak to each of us about making our marriage prosperous. Let’s do the work!

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One thought on ““Want a Prosperous Marriage in 2018?”

  1. Janice Octavia Nelson on said:

    An Awesome… Welcome Back message! May God shower my marriage continuously to be prosperous in these principles. Blessings broken down to understanding! Thank you Minister Carolyn. Continue blessings to you and your Hubby!

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