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This weekend we will celebrate all of the fathers in the world.  Often times Father’s Day does not get as much hype as Mother’s Day.  As I reflect on the role of a father and all of the good fathers who I know, I put together some attributes that I think good FATHERS have.

  • F = Faithful to God and to his family.  A good father faithfully loves and serves his family.  Children need love from their father.


  • A = Active in the lives of his children.  Has fun with his family.  Shows up for activities that involve his children.  Makes himself accessible and available to his children.


  • T = Talks to God and his children on a regular basis.  Praying for his family and with his family.  Looking to God for wisdom and guidance.  A good father also Takes Time to Train his children. (Proverbs 22:6)


  • H = Hard worker and helper.  A good father works hard to provide for his children and helps his family to succeed. (I Timothy 5:8)  I also believe that a good father honors the child’s mother.  Children are impacted by the way that a father treats their mother.


  • E = Example and One who Encourages his children.  Children see more of what we do then hear what we say.  A good father leads his family with a good example. He also encourages his children. (Ephesians 6:4)


  • R = Realizes when he has missed the mark. Repents by asking God for forgiveness and when necessary, he asks his family to forgive him.

Let’s be intentional about encouraging and celebrating our fathers this weekend. I pray that you will be appreciated and celebrated. If you don’t have a living father, find a father to encourage or celebrate.    Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers!  Thank you for all that you do! A special thanks to my husband who is a great father!

Until next week . . .




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