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“Marriage Maintenance”

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What does a car and a marriage have in common?  Ever so often, you have to put your car in the shop for maintenance.  If you don’t get the oil changed and have the car serviced, after a while, it will not run properly.  When you have your car serviced on a routine basis, you can usually prevent from having major issues.  However, if  you never get the oil changed and never take the car in for service, you run the risk of having some major issues.  Well marriage and cars are similar because they both require maintenance.

To provide maintenance is to keep in an appropriate condition, operation or force.  To keep or hold against attack. Every marriage needs maintenance in order to preserve the marriage relationship. When there is no maintenance, the marriage will go into a poor condition and is more susceptible for attack.  Hebrews 13:4 says, marriage is honorable. . .   Having your own husband/wife is precious and you should do everything possible to maintain the relationship.

Marriage maintenance requires some individual work and working together.  Many couples agree that when a husband/wife does a few things individually, it makes it easier to maintain the marriage together.  For example; when a husband/wife has some time alone with God, they return to the marriage with a new perspective, love, forgiveness and a better mind-set.  Another thing that can be done individually is taking time out to do something that refuels you.  It can be taking a walk, playing a sport, getting your hair done or just doing something that you enjoy.  When you refuel yourself, you can return to the marriage ready to be better.

As a couple, here are a few things that help to maintain a healthy marriage:

  1. Praying/Reading God’s Word Together
  2. Worship Together
  3. Regular Dates and fun time
  4. Regular affection (passionate kissing, holding hands, hugs, back and foot rubs, etc.)
  5. Regular intimacy
  6. Communicate often
  7. Aiming to please each other
  8. Being thoughtful and helpful to each other
  9. Nourishing and cherishing each other
  10. Accepting and appreciating each other
  11. Spending time with other healthy married couples

It doesn’t matter how long or how short you have been married, every marriage needs maintenance.  Ask your spouse about his/her needs to maintain a healthy marriage.  Aim to please each other.  Do what is necessary to provide regular maintenance to your marriage.

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