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“Romance: Is it Rocking or Rocky?”

Is romance realistic?  Many couples are busy doing life, raising children and working  hard to achieve and maintain their dreams.  Therefore, the talk of romance seems to be placed on the back burner.  Is romance realistic or is it only for the movies?  When was the last time you experienced a romantic moment?  Was it just yesterday, last week, month or years ago?  This week’s topic is all about romance.  Take a minute to evaluate your marriage. Is there romance?  If so, would you describe it as rocking or rocky?  

First, let’s define “Romance.”  What is it?  The dictionary defines romance as; a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.  Also, to court or to woo romantically.   I believe men and women like to be romanced.  However, women really need romance to precede physical intimacy.

Second, let’s define  “Rocking vs Rocky Romance.” Rocking is a slang word which means that it is very good, impressive, exciting or effective.  Are you satisfied with the romance in your marriage?  Sometimes it doesn’t take much; its just being thoughtful or adding a special touch.  Often times when people think about romance, they think about getting flowers, candy, or having a special dinner.  Perhaps you haven’t thought about it because you have adjusted to the everyday routines of life.  Having a “Rocky Romance” means that it is physically unsteady, weak and shaky. I am sure everyone can remember a time when the romance was rocky especially, if you have been married for any length of time.  However, that should only be temporary.

Here is how I define Romance:

  1. R= Remember to be romantic.  (Be intentional!) Plan something special!
  2. O= Open to new things.  Don’t be afraid to go where you have never gone and to do what you have never done together.  Be open!
  3. M= Make it a mystery.  You don’t have to explain everything, surprise your spouse.
  4. A= Affection and take time to Ask your spouse about their wants and desires.
  5. N= Nourish your spouse by being kind, thoughtful and woo your husband/wife,
  6. C= Court him/her with cute conversations (Date often, be careful about your conversation).  The wrong conversation can turn off the romantic mood.
  7. E= Exciting and effective.  Make it fun and aim to please.

God created romance and throughout the Bible there are scriptures about romance.  Song of Solomon is a book filled with romantic verses.  The Shulamite woman speaks to her Beloved in such a romantic way.  Just as God put romance in the Bible, we must include romance in our every day marriage.  Summer is almost here, and the weather is  great.  Make time for romance and keep it Rocking!

Until next week . . .







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