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“It’s Our 21st Wedding Anniversary!”


It was August 8, 1998 at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Landover, Maryland where we were united as husband and wife.  The church was filled with family and friends, Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. was the officiant.  It was a beautiful day, just like today!

It is August 8, 2019 and this week’s post is to celebrate and commemorate our 21st year of marriage.  Only God can keep two different people from two different places with two different mind sets living together in harmony for this long.  To God be the glory!

I thank God for giving me a wonderful husband, friend, lover, father to our beautiful children and companion in ministry.  I praise God for keeping us through storms, rain, sickness and through pain.  I am so glad that, I married a man who loves God and loves me.  Thank you Lord!

One of our greatest pleasures is serving other couples.  When we first got married, God gave us an assignment to do everything that we could to help build and encourage strong marriages and families.  This is our passion, and I really believe that it has been one of the many keys to keeping our marriage together!

Early in our marriage we created a mission statement, and I encourage all couples to have a mission.  Pray about it!  Singles can also have a mission.  Having a mission has helped us to be intentional about doing what God has called us to do for 21 years. We have used our last name to create our mission.   What is your mission?  Here is ours:

T = TIME WITH GOD (Praying, Reading the Word and Regular Worship) Matt. 6:33

A = ATTITUDE (Our attitude determines our altitude, think positive!) Phil. 4:8

T = TOGETHERNESS (Regular time together as a couple and as a family)  Psalm 133:1

E = EXAMPLE (To be an example of a believer and godly family)  Phil. 4:12

M = MINISTRY (To show the love of God by serving others in our home or wherever God Leads.  Our passion is to help build godly marriages).  Col. 3:17

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6 thoughts on ““It’s Our 21st Wedding Anniversary!”

  1. Yolanda Martin on said:

    Congratulations! Thank you for being a true inspiration and helper to so many marriages. We often reference you guys when taking about what a Godly marriage looks like. We love and appreciate you guys! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Kenneth McNeil on said:

    Happy Anniversary to a wonderful example of a married couple, God bless!!!

  3. Cassandra on said:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Cassandra M. Holland


  4. Janice Riddick on said:

    Thank you for being such an encouragement in the lives of many especially ours. Happy Anniversary! And many more!!

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