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Many believe that marriage will solve all of their problems.  Therefore, some rush to get married with hopes that it will fix everything.  Marriage is God’s wonderful institution and it can bring lots of joy.  I praise God for 21 years of marriage.  However, it does not solve all of your problems.

I Corinthians 7:28 (NIV) says, “But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries she has not sinned, But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.”  There are some problems that one would think that marriage should solve, but it does not.  Here are four problems that marriage will not solve.  1)Loneliness  2) Sexual temptation  3) Satisfaction of one’s deepest emotional needs and 4) Elimination of life’s difficulties.  Let me explain further.


“If I get married, I will no longer be lonely.”  One study revealed that 62.5% of people who reported being lonely were married and living with their spouse.  How does this happen?  You can be in the same house but never connect to your spouse.  Especially if you live in a large enough space where both the husband and the wife can physically be separated in their own home.  It is so important for couples to connect in conversation and create shared experiences to combat loneliness.


“If I get married, I will not have to deal with sexual temptation.”  Although sex should take place within the walls of marriage, sexual temptation does not leave because you are married.  You can be married and be tempted to have sex outside of your spouse.  Marriage alone does not make you do the right thing.  Being committed to God and to the covenant that you made with your spouse makes you do the right thing. With God, we can all resist the wrong things.  God is a keeper!


“If I get married, my deepest emotional needs will be met.” I will be satisfied, happy and content once I find the right one.”  This is not totally true.  You can be married and still not feel loved, dealing with depression. fear, sorrow, anxiety and anger.  Your spouse will not be equipped to meet all of your deepest emotional needs.  Only God is able to meet your every need.


“If I  am a Christian and I marry a Christian, we will not have any challenges.”  I wish this were the case.  However, it is probably the opposite.  Every marriage has its challenges but you may even have more challenges as a Christian Couple.  The enemy of your marriage wants to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).  However, God is able to help you through every difficulty.  Fight for you marriage!

As wonderful as marriage is, it does not automatically solve all of your problems.  This is a myth!  Married or single we must be content with whatever our situation and put our focus on Christ.  He truly is the answer for everyone of our problems.

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