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“Help! I am homeschooling”

I remember saying these exact words about ten years ago. My husband and I decided that we would take our son and daughter out of the traditional school and homeschool. Well, I ended up homeschooling my son for three years (3rd grade – 5th grade) and my daughter for seven (6th grade – 12th grade). All I can say is, God will do it!

My son has just entered college, and my daughter is completing her last semester. There is so much that I learned while homeschooling for 7 years. Therefore, I have written this book to share my journey with all of those who are teaching their children at home. I know some parents are just doing it on a temporary basis while others have chosen to fully homeschool.

No matter what your situation, if you are working with your child, children or grandchild at home help is on the way. I am so excited to announce that my 5th book, Homeschooling from A to Z (Principles for Successful Homeschooling) will be in print very soon. Please feel free to share will all of your friends who are teaching their children from home. I will keep you posted.

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2 thoughts on ““Help! I am homeschooling”

  1. Yolanda Martin on said:

    I’m so excited for this book!!! Even before quarantine I was hoping you would write a book about homeschooling and you were already on it. With majority of schools being closed across the nation, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Look at God showing out! He already knew all that would happen and your book release is a great example for how He is so supreme and is always working “for such a time as this.”

    I for sure will be passing your book release along to all of my mom friends.

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