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“Will you listen and obey?”

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Happy Holy Week! As we end the month of March, I’ve got two words for you. Listen and Obey! This year I promised to share 21 words that will totally transform your 2021. March was a busy month for me, so I missed a couple of weeks of writing. Therefore, I am sharing the 10th and 11th words out of 21.

As I think about the last few days of March, there are a few situations where God spoke, I listened, and obeyed what He said without hesitation or questions. I wish that I could say that I always listen and obey immediately, but some times this is not the case. I have to repent for the times that God spoke, and I hesitated or delayed obeying. Usually, it’s because there is fear or doubt. I have learned that delayed obedience is disobedience.

In Luke 11:28 Jesus says, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” I want to encourage you to listen each day for the smallest instructions that God gives you. God speaks and it is up to us to listen and obey. You do not have to understand the why behind what He tells you to do, just obey. God will never give you instructions that are contrary to His Word. For example: God will not tell you to go and steal something because His word commands us not to steal.

A week ago, my family and I went to brunch at a restaurant. When we were on our way out, the Lord prompted me to ask the waiter, how can I pray for you? I did not know him but without hesitation, I asked him. He looked at me and said, did you feel my “energy?” He went on to explain that he had two friends who had just died suddenly and that he was trying to purchase a home but wasn’t having any success. I told this young man that I would pray for him, and I have been praying for him each time that the Lord brings it back to my memory. You never know what a person is going through.

One day this week, I was headed to some outlets with a friend. Before I left home, I cleaned out my purse to take out things that I would not need. I had my School/Work ID in my purse and was getting ready to take it out because I was sure that I would not need my ID while going to the outlets. Wouldn’t you know that the outlets were giving a 10% off discount for educators with a School/Work ID. Look at God! I had no idea why He told me to keep my work ID in my bag, but I did it. He speaks from the smallest situations to the largest. We just need to listen and obey.

What is God saying to you? Are you listening? Have you followed the last set of instructions that He gave you? If you are not hearing Him, take some time to be still, be quiet, pray and read His Word. As you go through your day, be intentional about listening for God to speak. Blessings to you!

Until next week. . .



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