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Would you describe yourself as adventurous? I don’t think I would classify myself as a naturally adventurous person but I have taken some adventures over the course of my life. As we continue on our journey of “21 Words to Totally Transform your 2021, this week’s word is ADVENTUROUS (#19). The question is; “Are you ADVENTUROUS?”

Let’s define adventurous. The dictionary defines adventurous as; to be inclined or willing to engage in adventures; enjoying adventures, full of risk, and requiring courage. So when was the last time you engaged in an adventure? As I ask this question, I am thinking about the fact that life is an adventure. Especially living life in the midst of a pandemic. However, let’s just think about the last time that we actually did something that was very exciting, unusual or something that required courage. What kind of adventure did you take? I would love to hear about it.

When I think of an adventure, I think of something that is fun and exciting. Also, something that is risky. Just a few weeks ago, my family and I took an adventurous trip in celebration of my 23rd Wedding Anniversary. While on this trip we did some adventurous things and even stayed at an adventurous resort. The picture above will always be treasured as a wonderful memory because we were adventurous together. The truth be told, I was a bit afraid and almost told my family to take the adventure without me. It was a risky and dangerous ride on an ATV (All-terrain vehicle) through the jungle. Before getting on the ride, there was a training session and many were paying for insurance. After going through the training and hearing about how dangerous it was, I had to make a decision. Do I take the 45 minute adventurous ride or not? I originally said, “You guys go ahead and I will wait until you’re done LOL! However, my family said; “no,” we are doing this together. They encouraged me and reassured me that it would be okay. So, I decided to take the ride.

Oh what a fun, bumpy and dirty ride it was. I had a ball and enjoyed every bit of the adventure. I am so glad that I said yes, this is a memory we will never forget. The ride on the ATV ended up being the highlight of our trip. Sometimes we miss out on the adventures that God wants to show us because we allow fear to rob us of the experience or we allow someone to talk us out of it. Is there anything that you are not doing because of fear or discouragement?

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

When was the last time you incorporated some adventure in your life, your marriage or your family? I hope that you have taken some time for fun and adventure this summer but if not, please don’t let 2021 end without being ADVENTUROUS!!

Until next week. . . .



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