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“10 P’s to Help Parents”

If you are homeschooling or helping your children with virtual learning this is the post for you! I shared these during my virtual book launch but just in case you missed it, I want to share these principles with you.

Psalm 127:3 reminds us that our children are gifts from God and that the fruit of the womb is a reward. Let’s examine our perspective. How do you see and treat your children? Do you see them as gifts and treat them like rewards or do you see them as burdens and getting on your nerve? The pandemic has required many of us to be around our children more than ever. If you have school-aged children, you are probably assisting with virtual learning, homeschooling, or having to help with your child’s education in some way.

The following are 10 P’s to Successful Homeschooling and Virtual Learning:

  1. PRAYER – Start your day with prayer. As parents, you should have your own private time with the Lord. Also, take time to pray with children at the beginning of their school day.
  2. PLAN – Decide the curriculum that you will need or the subjects that will be taught each day. Determine the life principles that you want to teach and share with your children. Create a schedule of how you want the day to go, post it, and make your children aware. Make a plan and stick to it as much as possible. Also, establish a set time for your children to wake up, get dressed, start school, and a decent bedtime. When children don’t get the proper rest, it’s difficult to learn.
  3. PREPARE – Start the day with breakfast and be sure that your child is equipped with the necessary school supplies for the day. It’s hard to learn if you’re hungry or if you don’t have the tools that you need.
  4. POSITION – Provide a place for your child to do school work. A desk or a table where they can do their work. The position should be a place where there are very few distractions.
  5. PRACTICE – Be sure that each day your child spends time practicing in each subject. For example; 45 minutes in Math, 45 minutes in Language Arts, etc. You can also pick specific days for specific subjects.
  6. POTENTIAL – Every child has potential!! God has placed so many gifts in your child. As a parent, you are to help discover, mold, shape, and guide your child. Help them find the purpose that God has for them.
  7. PERSEVERANCE – Press through the challenges of life and the difficult days. Encourage your child not to give up when they have a difficult time learning or mastering a subject.
  8. POSITIVE – Speak well of your child and speak blessings into their life. Help to build your child’s self-esteem based on your words. Children often remember words from their parents. What are you saying to your children?
  9. PLAY – Take time out of each day to have some fun. Incorporate playtime and physical education in the day. Plan field trips!
  10. PRESENCE – Be present as much as you can. Hold your children accountable for what they should do at home and for school. Be close so that you can help guide and correct when necessary. Also, teach them how to get into the presence of God by spending time in prayer, worship, and in the Word of God.

As a parent, you only get one opportunity! Once your children are grown it’s over, we don’t get to go back and raise them again. Make the best of it! If you have not picked up your copy of my newest book, “Homeschooling from A to Z,” click on this link to purchase your autographed copy.

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