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“A Time To Get Away”


A Time To Get Away

      One of the most therapeutic things that you can do to refresh your marriage and your family is to take some time to get away.  I once heard Rev. Johnny Parker say “A Change of Space + A Change of Place = A change in Perspective.  I have found this to be so true.

         I am writing you from a friend’s house in Atlanta, GA.  The pictures that you see are taken from her backyard.  It’s not your average backyard view, its amazing.  We can see the beauty of the Lord here.  We are so thankful for our friends who have allowed us to visit with “6 star” accommodations.  Just being at their house and sitting outside in a different place and in a different space has given my husband and I a different perspective.  This trip  has helped to bless and strengthen our marriage.

The Blessings of a Get Away

  1. We have had some time to reflect on God and our relationship with Him.
  2. God has given us a different perspective on things concerning our marriage.
  3. Our bodies have been refreshed and renewed with rest.
  4. We had more time to fill each others love tank (physically and mentally). 🙂
  5. Our communication has been strengthened by having regular pillow talk.
  6. Our marriage has been sharpened by spending time with our friends who have been married for 21 years.
  7. We have been blessed to just move at a slower pace for the last few days
  8. Now we are prepared to return with an even stronger marriage

     In the past, as soon as someone would mention getting away, I would immediately start thinking about the money, the time and excuses that it would prevent us from taking a get away.  You would be surprised to see how God can provide you with opportunities to get away with little or no expense.  Where the desire is great enough, there is no barrier.  If you have the desire, through prayer, God can provide that opportunity.  Now every year we take time to get away as a couple (time alone) and as a family (with our kids).  So whether its for one day, or one week, get away!  It may be far away or right outside of where you live, get away!  We all need time to get away from our normal surroundings, time to rest, play and be refreshed. Your marriage and your family will be blessed and better as a result of  your time away! Pray and start planning some a time to get away!


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