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     This person has close encounters with you.  They work with you, you see them at the gym, they go to your church, or they are a friend of the family, but it’s not your spouse.  One day you meet, your paths cross and before you know it, you find yourself secretly, talking, emailing and meeting on a regular with someone of the opposite sex who is not your spouse.  “It’s fun, it’s new, it’s interesting and maybe even addictive” but BEWARE It leads to DANGER!

     Often times this relationship goes further than you ever planned to go. The enemy will trick you and have you focused on the moment.  He tells you that no one would know and you end up falling into bed with someone who is not your spouse.  Sex outside of marriage and sex outside of your spouse is extremely DANGEROUS!

 AVOID THE DANGER!  Read Proverbs 7:6-27 

  • It will cost you your life! 
  • It kills or damages your ability to trust.
  • It destroys family life and it damages a persons ability to love.
  • It endangers the health and the security of your family.
  • It degrades human beings and turns them into objects.
  • It can lead to disease.
  • It can result in unwanted pregnancy.
  • MOST importantly, It is against God’s law.   

     Encouraging all of the married people to stay away from DANGEROUS SEX!  Fear God enough to remain faithful in body and in mind.  Pray for your spouse and your marriage daily.  Honor marriage and respect your marriage vows.  If you are single, respect yourself enough not to have dangerous sex, wait until you are married.  


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2 thoughts on “DANGEROUS SEX

  1. Tee T. on said:

    We prayed for our marriage daily for at least 5 of the 7 years we were married. All the while he was having multiple affairs with women in the church. That was only one of the many issues we had through out our marriage, frequent unemployment, poor money management, deceit, eventually domestic violence just to name a few. I left and never looked back, no regrets! She, They, He could have him!

  2. Wanda G. on said:

    Amen! This is very true. The devil seeks to steal kill and destroy. satin knows what our weaknesses are but we must put on the mind of Christ and through daily prayer and the help of God resist temptation.

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