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Couch Time


Couch Time 

      Life can keep us busy,  with different schedules, events and commitments.  If we are not careful we are coming and going from each other’s presence without taking time to stop, be still and listen to what is going on in our spouse’s world.  When was the last time you and your honey sat on the couch together?  The Couch Time Principle is about taking time out of your day to sit and talk without any distractions or taking time  to enjoy a movie, sports or something you both will enjoy.   Believe it or not, something as simple as a couch can make a difference in your relationship.  If you don’t have a couch sitting together wherever you can find a seat will work just as well.  The couch is a tool that can be used to help us connect, get close and cuddle as a couple.

      Couch Time Tips  for Communicating

1.   Sit physically close to each other, turn towards each other so you can see your spouse’s face

2.  Be sure to give each other your undivided attention

3.  Pick a time when your kids are sleep or occupied

4.  Allow at least 15 minutes to connect (discuss your day, upcoming plans, events, etc.)

Couch Time Rules for Entertainment

1.  Find a movie or a show  that you both can enjoy

2.  Sit physically close to each other

3.   Sometimes it’s not about watching something on TV, it’s just about being physically close

4.   Pop some popcorn for both to enjoy!

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