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“Holding Hands”


     One of the sweetest sights that I love to see is a husband and wife holding hands.  Especially when they have been married for a long time and they still want to hold each other’s hand.  It’s a rare sight, but this week I want to encourage you to be one of those couples who make time to hold hands privately and publicly.

     First of all, you have to be together in order to hold hands.   You can walk together and hold hands even if it’s a short walk from a building to your car.  You can ride in the car together and take a few minutes to hold hands.  You can sit on the couch and hold hands while watching TV. While sitting at the table you can take a few minutes to hold hands.  My husband likes to hold my hand in church when its time for prayer as a form of togetherness.  Whenever you are with your spouse take a few minutes to hold hands.

     Holding hands is a good habit to cultivate, It is also a form of physical intimacy.  When people see a couple holding hands, it is a sign of connection and commitment.  According to several health studies, there are great benefits to holding hands.


  • It helps to reduce stress
  • It relieves the body
  • It makes your brain work a little less hard in coping
  • It’s good for your relationship
  • It’s good for your health
  • It offers a feeling of affection, protection and comfort

So take some time to hold your spouse’s hand. Remember that part of your wedding vows which says “to have and to hold?”  Your touch makes a difference!

Until next week . . .





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One thought on ““Holding Hands”

  1. Great article Carolyn! Thanks for the reminder to hold hands a little more often. 🙂

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