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Pray For Your Spouse!


     Is there a specific change that you want to see in your spouse?  Have you been secretly complaining about something that you wish your spouse would start doing or stop doing?  Maybe your spouse is in a situation where he/she needs God to open up a door and make a way out of no way.  Well since we are one with our spouse, when your spouse is in need, you are in need.  This week I want to encourage you to commit to praying for your spouse daily.  Prayer changes things.   

     This week’s topic was inspired by Genesis 25:21 which says “Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was barren.  The Lord answered his prayer and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.”  Isaac pleaded with God for children, so the Bible encourages us to ask and sometimes plead with God for our most personal and important request.  Are you willing to spend more time praying specifically for your spouse?  This is the person that you live with so you know exactly how to pray. Your prayers can make a wonderful difference in your spouse’s life.  If you have been praying, I encourage you to take it up a notch and spend a little more time talking to God about spouse.   He is the only One who has the power to change us. He changes hearts, minds and situations. Often times, I have found that while I am praying for my spouse, God ends up doing something different in me.  

    God sees,  He knows and He hears  us when we pray.  Even though somethings take time and require us to wait, be patient and be encouraged.  Waiting can be difficult but know that God has a purpose for the wait.  Waiting can help us to have a greater appreciation for the answer when it comes and it also may help to mature us so that we can use the gifts that God gives to us more wisely.   So pray for your spouse and wait on the Lord!  


Until next week . . .




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