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Money in Marriage


     Money, money, money, money . . . money!  It’s one of the top ten reasons that couples give for getting a divorce.  For some, this picture says it all, it’s like a tug of war.    You have one view about how money should be managed and your spouse has another. This is why it so important to communicate and come to some mutual agreements about how you will manage your money.  If you are planning to get married, please discuss this BEFORE you get married.  Studies reveal that if money becomes a consistent topic of disagreement, the road to divorce is certain.    This does not have to be the case when God is in the marriage.  No problem is too big or too hard for God to solve! 

     This  week I want to encourage you evaluate how you and your spouse handle your money.  Are you on one accord?  Maybe this isn’t an issue for either of you and maybe it is.  This weekend we hosted a fellowship for newlywed couples in our home.  Each couple shared a tip or a lesson that they have learned about money since they have been married. In addition, we were blessed with a lesson on finances from author and speaker Michelle Singletary/McIntyre and her husband Kevin.

    As we get ready to go into the holiday season where we tend to spend more money, I want to share some of the lessons and tips that were given this weekend. I pray that they they will bless you.   Read the list and see if there is anything that you can start doing, do better or change in your marriage.  

Lessons & Tips on Money in Marriage

Note:  This list is from my notes on Kevin and Michelle’s presentation 

  1. Bring your money together 
  2. Tithe and pay God first
  3. Jointly manage your money
  4. Plan
  5. Whoever handles money the best should be the treasurer
  6. Use the word “ours.”  Everything is “ours,”
  7. Be careful about who you let speak into your life
  8. Create a safe place so that your spouse will feel comfortable talking to you about money
  9. Before you spend a certain amount, you should agree to communicate
  10. Have house rules about money
  11. Don’t argue in front of the children
  12. No financial tit for tat
  13. Meet regularly to discuss the family finances (communicate)
  14. Agree to discuss money in a respectful manner, no cussing (Ephesians 4:29)
  15. Do not talk to anyone about your finances unless they are in a position to give good information 
  16. Strive to be debt free (Romans 13:8)
  17. Create an emergency fund with 3-6 months of savings and a life fund for basic household repairs
  18. Remember that debt is bondage, so pay it quickly
  19. Be sure that you have an understanding
  20. Remember that someone will always give more than the other 

Until next week . . . .




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  1. Good information Carolyn!

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