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Clean This House!


     What does this picture say to you? It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, condominium, town house or single family home, wherever you lay your head will require some house work.  It’s one of those on going jobs that we must do or have somebody else to do.  This week I want to encourage you to keep a clean house.  If this is not your issue because your physical house is clean, take a look at your spiritual house.  Perhaps there is something inside of you that needs to be clean.  May be you need a clean heart, clean mind or a clean attitude.  Let’s do some inventory and work on cleaning!  

     It’s no fun to come home to a dirty, nasty house.  Maintaining a clean house is essential for creating a healthy environment to nourish yourself, your spouse and your family.  Clutter, dirt and disorganization can create on going problems in your home.  Just to name a few: 1) It makes you not want to come home  2) It can cause unnecessary stress and tension 3) It makes you waste time looking for things that are out of order and lastly 4) It often discourages you from having family and friends into your home.  This doesn’t mean that your house has to be perfect all of the time but the goal should be to keep a clean house.  Ask yourself, “Is God pleased with the way that I keep my house?”  Is my spouse pleased with the way that I keep my house?  Ask your spouse.  

     I know that it’s not easy when you work everyday, have kids, and have a lot going on.  Its major for me to get all of the clothes washed, dried, folded and put away every week.  Laundry alone is a never ending cycle but we must keep working on it.  Everyone living in the house should have some responsibilities and be clear on how and when their jobs need to be done.  However, when a house is not clean, most people blame the lady of the house.   Although every household is different, one thing is the same and that is, a house needs to be maintained with regular attention.  If you live in a house, eat, bathe and sleep, there will be some cleaning that needs to be done.

     In Titus II the Bible tells women to be a keeper of the home.  This means maintain a clean house and be aware of what goes into and out of your house.  Whether you do it yourself, train your kids to do it or have hired help, keep a clean house!   It’s a great feeling to come home to a clean house. Our homes should be a ministry center.  Always have your home ready to receive your family, guest or a neighbor who you may have to bless.  A clean house is inviting, it helps you to think better, it will please your spouse and most importantly, It pleases God.  “Cleanliness is next to godliness!”   

Until Next Week  . . .






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