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What’s the Difference Between a Married & a Single?


     When I was single, I remember dreaming and longing to be married.  I really didn’t know God’s plan for marriage, I just wanted to have a “permanent date”.  Well it wasn’t until I released the idea that I had to have somebody that God began to connect me with my husband.  I know it may not make sense but God wants to get singles to be united to Him before they become united to anyone else. In other words, God wants to be your “permanent date.”   In I Corinthians 7:33-35 you will find the difference between the married and the unmarried.

     The secret to our success as a single and our success as a married is in this text.  I Corin. 7:33-35 says that there is a difference between a married and an unmarried person.  The unmarried person cares about the things of the Lord and how she/he may please God. Singles are also instructed to be holy both in body and in spirit (God is concerned about what you are doing with your body and your spirit).  He desires for an unmarried person to be devoted to Him.  The text goes on to say that singles have the advantage of serving God with few distractions.  Therefore, I want to encourage all of the singles to get focused on God and your relationship with Him.  Examine yourself, are you devoted to God more than any thing or are you devoted to the idea of getting married?   Embrace this season of your life like never before and give God your all!  He wants you to bring glory and honor to Him by the things that you do.  

     On the other hand, married people are instructed to care about the things of this world/earthly responsibilities and how to please his/her spouse.  Imagine if every married person followed these instructions.  Marriages would be happier because every wife would be doing what it takes to please her husband and every husband would be doing what it takes to please his wife.  It is God’s desire that you both be pleased.  So take a moment to evaluate how you are doing with pleasing your spouse.  Be intentional about pleasing each other.  When you obey this instruction, your marriage will bring more glory and honor to God.  

     In closing, I can honestly say that being devoted to God as a single has helped me to be a devoted to my husband. Having a close relationship with the Lord is the key to having successful relationships with others.   Remember that God is the author of marriage and we should never leave Him out!


Until next week  . . .




p.s. How many of you had a Sabbath last week?  I would love to hear your comments. 


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3 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between a Married & a Single?

  1. Nichole on said:

    Half of my day on Sunday was a Sabbath for me. I feel like I’m all over the place at times with doing unnecessary things. I want to take time to rest at least one day doing the weekend. But, it seems as if I always have something to do. Calgon….take me away!

  2. Catherine on said:

    Good morning, this is just something I would like to know. When God puts someone on your heart what does that mean? Am I suppose to call that person or am I to do anything? Please help me out with this.

    • Hi!
      God places things on our heart for a reason. Prayer is always in order. You don’t have to know the specifics, pray the way that God leads you. When you pray, be sure to listen because He may lead you to call the person. This has definitely happened to me. Often when God leads me to call it is confirmed by whatever the person says. It’s usually an ontime call. I hope this helps you. Thank you for your comment.

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