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“Have You Been On Your Knees Lately?”


     Are you looking for God to do something different in your life?  Do you have a question that you need to be answered?  Is there a situation that needs to be changed in your marriage, with your kids or relationship with others?  Well this week I want to encourage you to get on your knees, open up your mouth and talk to God! 

     Spending time with God on our knees may sound like a thing of the past but let’s bring it back.  It’s called “Kneeology.” Kneeology is the discipline of what we should be doing on our knees.  Although we can talk to God at any time, any place and in any position, it is something special about talking to God on our knees.  I must admit that since I have been praying as I go and praying in the car, I have slacked up with making specific time to  get on my knees.  Yes, the most important thing is that we are praying on a regular. However, I want to challenge you to take your prayer life to another level.  Get on your knees and talk to God about everything, He is looking forward to hearing from you!  He says cast your cares on me. (I Peter 5:7)

     We know that prayer is simply talking to God, but often times we are talking to everyone but God!  God loves when we talk to Him.  Jeremiah 33:3 says call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.  This verse gives us instructions to talk to God and when we do, He will answer and reveal things to us that we do not know.  All throughout the Bible we are instructed to pray.  Daniel is known for getting on his knees three times a day.  (Daniel 6:10) Are you willing?   

     Here are some of the benefits of getting on your knees. Each one starts with an H.  (smile)

  • It humbles you before God
  • It positions you to hear from God
  • We share our heart with God
  • He shares His heart with us (Talk to God and then be still and listen)
  • It helps us to get strength for our journey
  • It keeps us happy because the joy of the Lord is our strength
  • It gives us hope in hopeless situations
  • It keeps us healthy because we are not carrying the burden 

     Join me as I commit to spending more time on my knees.  Certainly God is worthy of our time, our praise and our dedication.    Let’s study Kneeology together!

Until next week  . . .




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One thought on ““Have You Been On Your Knees Lately?”

  1. R. Franks on said:

    Thank you for this reminder. Recently, I have been suffering with some physical issues that have made it difficult to get on knees physically and I have missed it. I just started kneeling again because I love communing with God in this way. You’re so right. We can pray anywhere and in any posture but there is just something about “kneeology” that I love. Having physical challenges has made me grateful for the days that I “can” get on my knees and I realize that even kneeling is a blessing. Some people can not do so. I’m joining you this week in practicing “kneeology!” Great word!

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