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Is Your Heart In it?


     My husband and I met a young man on Sunday, he was married but separated.  His wife had been speaking strongly about getting a divorce but she recently changed her words and said “let’s not get a divorce.”  Staying together and not getting a divorce, sounds good but the problem is that her actions have not changed.  She is still acting like a woman who does not want to be bothered.  When we say words that our actions do not follow, this is called “Lip Service.”  “Lip Service” is defined as an insincere expression of friendship, admiration, support, etc.  In other words, it’s service by words only.  Empty talk that does not have any actions to support.   

     In Psalm 78:36 God says that he detests lip service.  He talks about the people who say that they worship and love God but their hearts are far from him.  This week I want to challenge you to evaluate yourself in your  relationship with God, your marriage, relationship with friends, family or co-workers.  Do your actions line up with your words?  If you say that you are Christian does your lifestyle say the same?  Are you telling your spouse one thing but your actions say another? Are you saying that you want the job but your actions say something different?   

     Relationships are so much better when your heart is in it.  When your heart is in it, your actions line up with your words. God does not like when we flatter him with words but our hearts are far from him.  This is why we are told all through the Bible to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul.  When your heart is not in it, it shows.    If you say you want the relationship, give it all you have.  If you say you love God, serve him with all you have.  If you say you want the job, act like it.  Don’t just give lip service, put your heart in to it!


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One thought on “Is Your Heart In it?

  1. Shirley Wright (Mom) on said:

    This is so true Carolyn, our actions always speaks louder then our words!

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