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“Why Cheat?”


     Today I received a disturbing email from Denis Rainey, the president of Family Life Ministry.  Family Life is one of the leading Christian organizations that produces books, materials and conferences to help build strong and healthy marriages.  The email stated that on President’s day, a company by the name of created a shameless billboard with an attach on marriage and family.  The billboard was posted a few miles away from the Family Life Headquarters in Little Rock.  Denis Rainey describes the billboard as one of the most shameless attacks on marriage and family that he has ever seen.  The billboard featured pictures of FDR, JFK, and Bill Clinton with the slogan, “Who said cheaters never prosper?”

     He also states that this company solely exist to encourage married men and women to commit adultery.   The company promises to protect you by keeping an affair a secret.  This is terrible but real! We are living at a time where people no longer respect the institution of marriage and are not shameful about cheating.  Fortunately, Family Life Ministry was able to create their own billboard, emails and a broadcast in response to this shameless company.  They were able to respond by highlighting the damage that adultery causes to the family.

    This week I want to encourage all of the married people to protect your marriage vows by being faithful and committed to your spouse.  Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.  The Bible is very clear about the fact that we should not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)  Don’t fall for the famous trick of the enemy and let someone take the place of your spouse.  It’s not worth the pain nor the problems that it causes.  God is able to COMPLETELY SATISFY you with your own husband/wife.

     If you are single and desire to get married, don’t marry unless you are willing to be faithful and committed to your spouse.  Also, if you are single and hoping to connect with someone, don’t connect with someone else’s husband or wife.  Make sure that you don’t flirt, lead on, date or sleep with anyone who is not your own husband or wife.  This only leads to destruction. Destruction of your life, the person’s life, the non-cheating spouse’s life and any children involved. Satan’s desire is to kill, steal and destroy by any means necessary (John 10:10).  Don’t allow him to use you to destroy a marriage and a family. Any way you slice it, Destruction is painful!

     In conclusion, there is no need to cheat!  Trust God to meet every need and enjoy the wife/husband who you married.  Be committed and faithful!  There are so many blessings in store for those who remain faithful.

Until next week  . . .



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