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“What Happens When We Laugh?”


     Laughter saves lives, marriages and relationships!  When was the last time that you laughed really hard?  Have you ever laughed so hard that  tears came down your eyes and your side hurt?   Can you remember when someone started laughing, you joined them and couldn’t stop laughing?  Having a sense of humor is a blessing, and this week I want to encourage you to laugh more, Be intentional about laughing!  Regardless of your current situation, find something that gets you to laugh out loud.  

     Laughter is known as the best medicine.  Proverbs 17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”  The Aramaic Bible says, “A merry heart improves the body and a depressed spirit dries up the bones.”  Think about what this is saying, laughter is medicine.  Medicine helps to heal the body or make it feel better,  When we laugh, we are bringing healing to our body.  When we don’t laugh, it saps our strength and dries up our bones.  

     I have to admit, when I keep my focus on things that need to be done, I can get so serious that laughter is far from my mind.  However, my goal is to laugh more everyday.   Studies show that there are so many benefits to laughing.  Here are a few  of the benefits that I found from various studies.


*Helps to relieve stress                                              *Helps to exercise your face muscles

*Helps to keep a marriage healthy                             *Helps to protect you from heart disease

*Lowers blood pressure                                              *Lifts your mood

*Increase memory learning                                          *Helps to burn calories  (10-15 min of                                                                                                 laughter can burn 40-50 calories )

     Incorporate time to laugh in your marriage, family or relationships in general.  Watch something funny, interact with your friends.  Especially friends who have the Sanguine temperament or known to be funny.  Just about every one can appreciate a good laugh. What gets you laughing?  Whatever it is, be sure to do it often.  Remember that laughter is good for you!  


Until next week . . .




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