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“The Blessing of Your Presence”


     Last Friday one of my husband’s family members (Paul) got married in New Rochelle, New York. It was a beautiful wedding!   My husband comes from a large family of seven.  One brother lives in Richmond, two live in Maryland and the rest of the family lives in Heathsville, Virginia.  Everyone was about 4-7 hours away from where the wedding was being held, but they stopped their regular Friday plans to travel to New York and bless Paul with their presence.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  Paul was presently surprised and blessed by every one being present!

     This week I want to encourage you to be intentional about blessing people with your presence.  When you get opportunities to bless someone by being there for them, be there!  Life is too short and you don’t want to have any regrets. Sometimes being present means changing your entire schedule around or not doing something that you want to do in order to bless someone with your presence.

     Today, it seems that everyone is busy.  However, it speaks volumes when people take the time to bless you with their presence.  Going to the hospital, showing up at a game, birthday celebration or a funeral is another way of saying that you care.  Your presence is special and can speak louder any words.  Practice being a blessing with your presence!  Especially to those who are closest to you such as;  your spouse, children, grandchildren, family and friends.  Each time that you are present  you are leaving a good legacy behind.  Can you think of events and times in your life when God allowed someone to be there for you?   Those are times that you will never forget.  Think about it, how do you want to be remembered?

Until next week  . . .



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