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“Do You Take Your Marriage to Church?”


Once you say, “I do” at the altar, there are many different things that can happen to make you say, “I don’t.” As the year ends there are many marriages that are struggling, some may make it into 2015 together and some may not. One of the things that my husband and I have done (ever since we married 16 years ago) to help us stay together is, “Take Our Marriage to Church Every Week.”

Taking our marriage to church has helped us and taught us “How to . . .”
1.  Pray together
2.  Love each other
3.  Treat each other with respect
4.  Forgive each other
5.  Raise our children
6.  Please God and make godly decisions
7.  Serve God, each other and others
8.  Be faithful to God and to each other
9.  Speak positively to each other
10 Stay together

When I say church, I am referring to the physical building or house of the Lord. Church is where the Word of God is being taught, souls are being saved and lives are being transformed.  My pastor often says, “the church is a hospital for all kinds of people.” I encourage you to present your marriage to God by going to church consistently.

John 10:10 says that the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy and that applies to you, your marriage and your family.  One of the things that the enemy seems to be successful at is killing the desire for couples to attend church together and on a consistent basis.  When a husband and a wife stop going to God’s house and they are physically able to attend or start missing more than they attend, the marriage will suffer. God never intended for us to do marriage without Him. When one regularly attends church while the other one stays at home, this is a recipe for division.

Marriage is God’s institution and the church is God’s house, together you can have a winning combination. As we end 2014 and enter 2015, I want to encourage you to take your marriage to church every Sunday. There is help, healing and hope in God’s house. Everything that you need to help you create a happy and healthy marriage is in God’s house.  Don’t let the enemy talk you out of going to church together.  Hebrews 10:25 says let us not forsake assembling ourselves together. It is so important that you take your marriage to church and apply what you learn to your marriage.

To all of the singles, if going to God’s house is important to you, make sure that it is important to your significant other BEFORE you marry them.

Until next week . . .



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