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“How Would You Like to Be Remembered?”


       Happy New Year everyone!  This past Sunday, Stuart Scott a long time sportscaster and anchor at ESPN died from a long time battle with cancer at the age of 49.  I didn’t know him, but since my husband is into sports, I would see him and listen to him on ESPN from time to time.  After his death was announced, my husband listened to many of his friends and co-workers talk about Stuart’s life and what they remembered about him. The story brought tears to my eyes.   I know you may not be planning to leave earth anytime soon, but one thing is for sure, we ALL have to leave.  The question that I would like for you to think about and answer is:  “How Would You Like to Be Remembered?”

I want to challenge you to be intentional about living today the way that you want to be remembered.  If you were to leave earth today,  would your husband/wife, daughter/son, sister/brother, mother/father, friend/co-worker, significant other/fiance be able to speak well of you?  Does your behavior line up with the words that you say?  Some times we say that we love people but our actions speak differently.

One of the things that I read about Stuart Scott is that he was divorced and had joint custody of his two teenaged daughters. Everyone knew that he was devoted to his daughters, and that he loved them by the way that he treated them. He always talked about them. Many believe that he fought cancer as long as he did, because he wanted to be around for his girls.  He didn’t want them to grow up without a father.  If you are reading this and are a parent, it means that you are still here.  You have an opportunity that Stuart no longer has.  What can you start doing or continue to do that will cause others to remember you in a significant way?  God has allowed us to live to see 2015 for a reason.  Think about how you would like to be remembered everyday, and think of things that you can do EACH DAY to make this memory a reality.

There are so many ways that I would like to be remembered.  First, I want to be remembered by God as one who loved Him and remained faithful.  Second, I pray that my family and friends will be able to honestly speak well of me.  Third, I would like to be remembered  for giving my time to people, writing, teaching the Word of God and the principles of God so that others can have a closer walk with God (especially women), have better marriages and families.   How would you like to be remembered?  Think about it, write it down and be intentional about doing what needs to be done.

Until next week . . .



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