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“What Are You Willing to Do Differently?”


          “I am sick and tired of going through or doing the same thing over and over.”  “I am going to start working out.”  “I want to lose 10 pounds.” “I want to see a change!”  Does any of the statements sound familiar?  Whenever we enter a new year, most people start thinking about changes that they would like to make. However, if we want to see something different, we must be willing to do something different.  This week, I want to encourage you to think about something in you, your marriage or your daily routine that you would like to see changed.  Think about it and ask yourself, “What can I do differently?”  Often times, we see changes that others need to make but don’t see the changes that we need to make.

     Last week our church had a revival.  Co-Pastor Dr. Susie Owens encouraged us all to “Make Adjustments!”  Making adjustments means doing something different.  She reminded us that we may have to come out of our comfort zone to make an adjustment.  It may be something as simple as sitting in a different seat at church.  Sitting in a different seat may help you to have a different view, meet someone different and may provide you with a connection that you have been waiting for or allow you to learn something new.  Our brains are stimulated when we try something new, do something different or learn new information.

     I was tested on this as soon as I left church.  I was leaving the parking lot and the parking attendant instructed me to go a direction that I have never gone before.  I wanted to go out my usual way, but he instructed me to go in a different direction.  I went reluctantly but found that it was a new route and that it would also take me to my destination.   Many times when we are instructed  to try something new or to go a different route, we hesitate, complain, or resist the change.  However, if we could learn to embrace doing something different, it might be the answer to a prayer.

     Some of you want to see changes in your marriage, your finances, your career, your health or in your home.  What are you willing to do differently?  Think of one or two things that you can do differently, and be consistent. Find an accountability partner who will commit to helping you or one who has the same goal.  Pray and ask God for strength each day to do something different.  Remember, prayer changes things and prayer changes people. Do something different today!

Here are some suggestions specifically for marriage:

Wear something different to bed, cook something different, go out on a date to a different place, try a different hair style or do something different together. Enjoy!

Until next week . . .



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One thought on ““What Are You Willing to Do Differently?”

  1. Lettie on said:

    So true. “If you want something different you have to do something different” is said so frequently it has become a cliche. Unfortunately we don’t actually do it. So today I pray to actually implement it and no longer just talk about it when it comes to my marriage, ministry and money.

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