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“Don’t Stop Dating!”

date night

      One of the things that many couples have in common is that, their relationship started with a first date.  If you like the person, the first date turns into a second, a third and so on.  Usually, each person takes time to look their best and be on their best behavior.  Time is spent trying to get to know the person better and better.  After several dates, a man and a woman may decide that marriage is their destination.  The problem that often arises is that the couple gets married, stop dating or have very few dates. This week, I want to encourage married couples to keep dating.

      I can clearly see how a couple can stop dating. When life isn’t going the way that we would like, we stop dating.  When the job demands more of our time, we stop dating.  When finances get tight, we stop dating.  When children come on the scene, we stop dating. Dating your husband or your wife is essential to the development of a healthy and a happy marriage. Dating can be very beneficial, because it helps to increase relationship satisfaction. Your spouse should be your top human PRIORITY!  Therefore, we must be willing to invest regular, consistent one on one time.  God has given us a limited amount of time to enjoy and treasure each moment.

      Valentine’s day was last month, but we must continue to keep the romance and special dates going.  Your husband/wife should not have to wait until the next special day to go out on a date.  My husband and I managed to get two dates in this past weekend.  It was great!  On the first date, we went out for dinner, and the second date was the two of us staying home to watch a movie together. This was a real treat, because we are always on the go.  I have found that dates can be as fancy or as simple as you like.  The key is, spending one on one time together.  We must be intentional about making time for each other, listening to each other, enjoying each other’s company and looking into each other’s eyes.

   In conclusion, I am calling all husbands/wives to put a date on the calendar, and make it happen. Be creative, keep it fresh and have fun!    Don’t stop dating!  For all of the singles who are dating, be sure to collect as much data as you can.  Pray and seek God during the dating days.  Listen for God to reveal and to give you wisdom for making the right choice. The more data that you collect before marriage, the better your marriage can be.

Here are a few dating ideas: (Check the web for more ideas)

  1. Have a breakfast, lunch or dinner date
  2. Go to a show, movie or a play
  3. Simply go for a ride or take a road trip
  4. Work out or play a  sport together
  5. Cook a meal together
  6. Try something new together
  7. Sign up to take a class together
  8. Play a game together
  9. Have a spa treatment together
  10. Dance together
  11. Enjoy the out doors together, take a walk or plan a picnic (when the weather gets better

Until next week  . . .



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2 thoughts on ““Don’t Stop Dating!”

  1. Charmaine on said:

    What a great reminder. Life is very busy add kids and date night easily becomes a blur. My husband and I have been saying it for awhile. I accept the charge and will plan a date with husband.

    Thanks Carolyn!

  2. Lola Blake on said:

    Sister Tatum,

    Thank you for the info on dating my husband lost touch with each other we are working at getting back to that happy medium starting with dating.

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