Marriage from A to Z

Principles for a Successful Marriage

“Keep God In It!”


     Did you know that God wants to be involved in your marriage everyday?  He cares about you, your spouse and your family.  He made marriage, and He loves when we invite Him in.  Unfortunately, many of us wait until we are in a crisis to invite God in.   Some of the situations and challenges that we face could be different, if we would keep God in it!   

     One of the tricks of the enemy is to make us feel like we can do marriage without God.  If he can get us to go without praying, reading God’s Word and to skip going to church, he can make us feel isolated.  In pre-marital counseling, I remember hearing that, Isolation + Separation = Divorce. This formula is true in our relationship with our spouse and with God. Once a person starts to isolate themselves and separate from the things of God, they are more likely to divorce  God. Notice I said, they divorce God. God will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).  I am so glad that God would never divorce us.  

     Marriage is God’s wonderful institution, but it takes work. As Pastor Jenkins often says, “marriage is a character builder.”  Allow God to build your character and hang in there.  Know that all things work together for the good to those who love God.  Be faithful to God, and He will be faithful to you.  This week’s message is simple, “Keep God in It!

Until next week…



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