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“Treat Her Like A Gift”

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     What happens when a husband treats his wife like a gift?  Last week, I witnessed seeing a wife who for several weeks had a sad countenance but for some reason, her countenance had changed. Her face had such a glow and she was radiant. Even her outfit was girly and happy looking. I was so blessed by the change that I saw in this wife’s face. I wondered what created the change. I had the pleasure of hearing an explanation from her husband who said that he now sees his wife as a gift. Although they had been married for many years, he didn’t see her as a gift. It was obvious that his change in perspective created a change in his wife.

A gift is defined as something given voluntarily without payment in return as to show favor toward someone. When someone gives you a valuable gift you treasure it and cherish it. You treat it with special care.  The interesting thing about it is that we normally accept gifts without knowing what’s inside.
When a man sees his wife as a gift from God, he will not treat her or talk to her any kind of way. Husbands must remember the following:

1.  A wife is a good thing and a good gift.  (Proverbs 18:22)

2.  Husbands are to love their wife as their own body. (Ephesians 5:28)

3.  Husbands are to love their wife as Christ loved the church. (Ephesians 5:25)

4. A wife is to be enjoyed. (Ecclesiastes 9:9)

5. A wife is a helper created especially for her husband. (Genesis 2:18)

6. A wife should not be treated or spoken to harshly. (Colossians 3:19)

7. A wife should be honored as the weaker vessel. (I Peter 3:7)

8. A wife should be nourished and cherished. (Ephesians 5:29)

9. Husbands must have understanding towards their wife or their prayers will be hindered. (I Peter 3:7)

10. A husband obtains favor from the Lord because of his wife. (Proverbs 18:22)

The scriptures remind us that having a wife is precious in God’s sight. A wife is valuable and should be treated as a gift. When a man does not treat his wife properly, he hinders his relationship with God. To all of the singles, make sure that you and your potential understand this principle while you are courting.  In addition, observe the way that a man treats  his mother, it’s usually a sign of how he will treat his wife.

In conclusion, I was always told that you can often tell the character of a man by the countenance of his wife.  I have found this statement to be true. The way that a husband treats his wife has a lot to do with a wife’s facial expression, composure, her look and her appearance.  God’s calling ALL husbands to treat their wife like a gift!

Until next week…


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