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“Won’t He do it!’

wont He

      It was the 4th of July and my family and I decided to drive down to the country for the day.  We were so excited about going to visit my husband’s family and being in his hometown, Heathsville, Virginia (2 1/2 hours away).  My husband decided that he would drive and that we would take his truck.  This is a trip that we will never forget!

     Driving to the country is very relaxing.  Once you get there, there is no traffic.  You see lots of land, trees, corn fields, houses and very few stores or businesses.  We drove up and down several country roads and made it safely to visit my husband’s family.  We visited his mother, grandmother, sister and we were on our way to visit another sister when all of a sudden, we heard this noise.  It was a noise that I don’t want to hear anymore this year.  It was a flat tire!  This is the third flat tire that the two of us have had over the past month.  I think that it has something to do with the construction near our house.

     So here we are, on the 4th of July in the country with a flat tire and no spare. It’s me, my husband, my daughter and my son stuck in the truck! (lol)  We had been up and down the country roads, but the tire just happened to go out right by a tire shop.  Yes!  A tire shop!  We were so excited however, it’s a holiday and the shop is closed. Let me tell you what God did!

     We sat in front of the closed tire shop and prayed that God would make a way.  Shortly after being in front of the shop, a man drives over and says, “I have a friend who works at this shop let me call him and see if he will come to open the shop for you.”  He called his friend several times, but there was no answer.  He waited there with us for a few minutes with hopes of reaching his friend.  His friend never answered.  Another man in a truck drives by the tire shop and decides to park on the side.  The first guy who stopped to help us looks over and says, “that’s the owner of the building, let’s see if he can help.”  The owner of the building calls the man who runs the tire shop.  About twenty minutes later, the man who runs the tire shop came to the rescue along with his wife.  His wife said that he was at home in the bed resting when they got the call that a family was stranded in front of their tire shop.  He came, opened the shop, changed the tire, and we were so amazed at what God did.  Out of all of the places that our tire could have been flat, it was flat in front of a tire shop.   God brought everything that we needed to us.  We didn’t have to do anything, but wait on the Lord!

     God wants us to be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10).  No matter what you are going through, be encouraged and know that God will do it!  The last two times that I had a flat, God used my husband to come to the rescue.  This time, He made it so that my husband couldn’t fix the problem only God could do it. He will use whoever He has to, in order to get a blessing to you.  Keep praying, keep believing and know that GOD WILL DO IT!

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6 thoughts on ““Won’t He do it!’

  1. Robin D. on said:


  2. Bonita Smith on said:

    And, THAT’s exactly how HE does it! Blessed by your sharing. It reminded me of a similar testimony. In March 2012, my daughter and I were travelling (GPS) through Crewe, VA. For some reason the GPS had us all on the back roads of the mountain. There had been a light snow in the hills the night before and just about 35 minutes from our destination, we slid in a curve – hit a guardrail and popped the arm of the front right tire. We tried to slowly climb the hill to not be in the blind but to no avail. As we attempted to back down the curb a VDOT truck came along. He saw our dilemna and radioed for a tow truck. It’s Sunday, so he told us to expect a wait because the closest truck was in the next town 40 miles away. Bless God, he helped us park out of the road and we sat in for the long delay. Less than 6 minutes, a State Trooper came by and said he heard the radio call. He would wait with us until the Tow Truck arrived. Less than 15 minutes later, the Tow Truck arrived. The Rental Car agent would not wait for us because they were closing in 15 minutes and we were 25 minutes away. Our Driver towed us 56 miles to the Tri-City Tennessee Airport to get another car. Even in the remote hills of Virginia, help arrived in less than 30 minutes to rescue us! I KNOW IT WAS NOBODY BUT GOD.

  3. Carolyn! Your entries always bless me, but I had to respond to this one right here! Won’t He do it?! Love this and continued blessings!

  4. Lisa Douglas-knight on said:

    GM Carolyn, that was awesome and so encouraging. A flat tire in front of a tire shop in the country??? It’s NEVER a coincidence…it’s the MIGHTY POWER OF GOD! Yes he will DO IT!

  5. Amen! I have learned to WAIT ON GOD. Delayed gratification, obeying God’s grace, is so worth the wait. When you obey him, everything comes on time and in much abundance! This year alone I have experienced God’s grace and abundance because I have become o.k. with delayed gratification. 🙂

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