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“Are You Sure You Want to Be A Wife?”


Many want to be a wife, but not many want to be a “Helper.”  Although both a husband and a wife are helpmates to each other, it is interesting that the Bible specifically calls the wife a helper.  Wives are to be companions and good helpers.  This week’s post  is a question for those who want to get married and a reminder for those who are already married.

Genesis 2:18 says, “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” So God is our “Ultimate Helper” and a wife is to be a helper to her husband. Notice the word suitable, this implies that not every woman is good for every man.  Suitable means that she is a perfect fit or match for the man that she chooses to marry. Let’s look at what it means to be a helper.

A helper (A Wife):
– Gives and provides what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need
– Contributes strength or means to get strength
– Renders assistance to
– Cooperates effectively with
– Provides aid or assistance
– Saves or rescues
– Makes easier or less difficult
– Is useful or profitable to
– Relieves

The previous description of a helper may sound like a lot (it is, lol!) but don’t worry, God is our “Ultimate Helper”  and He will help us on the journey of being a wife. This is why it is so important to include God in your marriage.  Whenever you feel helpless, that’s the perfect time to pray.  Prayer can go where you can’t go, and do what you can’t do!  Knowing God and how to call on Him is one of the first things that a good helper should know to do.  Maintaining a close relationship with God is the best solution for becoming and being a good helper/wife.

For those who are already a wife, just think, there are some things that your husband may never accomplish unless you provide the help that he needs. For all of the single ladies who want to be married, ask yourself, “Am I ready to be a good helper?”  If not, get prepared!  I pray that God will help us all to be the best helpers that we can be!

Until next week . . .



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