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Lord, Suprise Us!

Have you ever prayed and asked God to suprise you? I was inspired to pray this prayer after reading The book titled; “Draw the Circle, The 40 day Prayer Challenge” by Mark Batterson.

The month of August is very special to my husband and I because it’s the month that we got married. Our anniversary was Saturday, August 8th. Although we planned to be in Florida with our kids for the week, we didn’t have anything specifically planned for the day of our anniversary. I was thankful to be away and just enjoying time with the family. However, I decided to pray, “Lord would you suprise us for our anniversary? Whatever You decide would be fine.”😊

On Saturday, August the 8th the Lord answered this prayer! Let me tell you how God surprised us. He put a desire in another couple’s heart to bless us on our anniversary while we were in Florida. First, they picked up our kids and took them out to dinner so that we could have the evening to ourselves. Second, they made dinner reservations for us at one of the most beautiful resorts that we had ever visited. When we drove up, the people treated us like royalty (we are God’s royal children). 

Third, they made dinner reservations for the two of us at a restaurant on the roof top of the resort. What really made it special is that God let us know that He was intentional about every detail. The restaurant just happened to be on the 17th floor, and we were celebrating our 17th anniversary (only God). The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous. We were blessed with a delicious meal and two different desserts. The picture above is of one of the desserts that was made especially for us and signed with, “Happy 17th Anniversary” in chocolate.  Many of the workers greeted us with a smile and happy anniversary wishes like they knew us. After the meal, we walked outside on the roof top and saw fire works from Disney World.  What a way to celebrate an anniversary! We were blessed with a very special night that was all a gift. We are so thankful to God and the couple who allowed God to use them to be a blessing to us. The Lord really suprised us beyond and beyond!

I shared this testimony to encourage you to pray a different prayer and watch God do something different. You never know how God will bless or who He will use to get a blessing to you.  John 3:8 tells us that the wind blows wherever it pleases which lets us know that God works in ways that we cannot predict or understand. He has the power to bless and suprise us beyond our wildest dreams. Trust and believe Him!

Until next week,



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3 thoughts on “Lord, Suprise Us!

  1. Nicole on said:

    This is just beautiful Carolyn! I’m so glad God chose to bless you and William in a such a special way. You both pour so much into so many others, and your hearts for marriage are so genuine. May God continue to bless you both richly!!! Now what was that prayer again ? 🙂 … “Lord, surprise me …”? 🙂

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog. Yes God does surprise us when we least except it. He is an awesome God. Praying much blessings on your marriage and your ministry as you both encourage and minister to so many couples. Glad you both were blessed and enjoyed your 17th anniversary dinner.

  3. Awesome God!! 😇Wonderful friend😀 Blessings to you both on your Wedding Anniversary and always! Hugs!

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