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Do You Eat Your Meals At The Table?


We are running here, there and everywhere.  Everyone is on the go and very few families are taking time to eat their meals together at the table let alone preparing a home cooked meal.    When I first got married, my husband requested that we have 90 percent of our meals at the table.  I was in agreement with him and for over 17 years, we have been faithfully bringing our family to the table.  I didn’t know that it was biblical, beneficial and such a blessing!  Is your table being neglected?  If you and your family have not been taking the time to eat your meals together at the table, I want to encourage you start.

Did you know that God designed the first table?  In Exodus 25:23-30 God gave Moses the instructions for the first table to be made.  The table was created to be a tool that would bring people together and God promises to provide His presence at the table.  So if you haven’t been bringing your family to the table, I encourage you to look at the table differently.  Each time that you bring your family to the table, you bring them to Jesus.  His presence will meet you and your family at the table. If we are too busy to eat meals at the table or our schedules never allow us to come together, we are missing out on the blessings of coming to the table.

There are so many benefits to eating meals together at the table.  1)  The table is a tool used to help restore family relationships. The love that you give and the presence of the Lord at the table will help to restore and maintain relationships.  This was done several times throughout the Bible.  2) The table is one of the best places to express your love to your family.  3) Jesus used mealtime as a time for conversation so we can use the table to strengthen the communication in our family and other relationships. Studies have shown that there are proven benefits to eating at the table especially, for teens.  4) Teens who regularly share meals with their families are less likely to smoke, use alcohol and drugs, get into fights or think about suicide.  The study even says that  teens who eat at the table are more likely to delay sexual activity and do better academically than teens who eat separated from their families.

Practicing the Table Principle will be a blessing to your family.  Here are a few tips:

Tatem’s Table Tips

  1. Make your table inviting
  2. Pray together at the table (bless your meal and all of those at the table)
  3. Light a Candle
  4. Put some flowers on the table
  5. Add Color (place mats, plates, napkins, table cloth, etc)
  6. If you have kids, allow them to help set the table
  7. Look into your family member’s eyes while you have conversation at the table (God will reveal things at the table)
  8. Even if the meal is not a home cooked meal, eat it at the table
  9. Ask about each other’s day at the table (What was a highlight or a challenge for today?)
  10. Remember you can find nice tableware at the Dollar store
  11. Eat at the table as often as you can
  12. Invite guest to your table
  13. Put away the cell phones, TV, or distractions and focus on the people at the table

Maybe you and your family can’t eat meals together at the table every day, but if you are intentional, you could probably increase the number of days.  It is unfortunate that despite the benefits, there is only a small percent of American families having their meals at the table six to seven days a week. The devil knows the benefits so his job is to keep our families away from the table.  Jesus wants to meet you and your family at the table.  Will you be present?

Until next week . . .



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