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“When Was The Last Time You Initiated?”

There is something that you know your spouse enjoys but instead of you initiating, you wait until they ask.  Sometimes if they don’t ask, it will not get done.   From household chores, helping with the children, cooking meals, running errands to intimacy, If you have been around your spouse for any length of time, you know what he or she likes and appreciates. This week’s challenge is to practice initiating the things that you know your spouse enjoys without them having to ask.

So what does it mean to initiate?  To initiate is to begin/start, set going or originate.  So think about the things that your spouse enjoys.  What can you do to bring joy to your spouse without being asked?  Is there anything that your spouse asked you to do some time ago but you never did it?  Think about it, this may be a good time to do it without being asked again.

When one initiates, it says that they were thinking about you.  They thought enough to act upon something specifically to bring joy or pleasure to their spouse.  It’s called being selfless instead of being selfish. In your flesh, you may not feel like initiating, but I am a witness that God will give you what you need to be a blessing to your spouse. Initiating works both ways so don’t let your spouse be the one who always initiates . . . surprise them and take the initiative.

If you are single.  You can use this principle to bless someone who would normally do something for you.  Surprise them and take the initiative to bless them.  If you can’t think of anyone, initiate some time with God in prayer and praise.  Don’t wait until you need something, just stop and give God your praise.

The key to initiating is preparing your mind.  Be prayerful and think good thoughts.  Focus on the good and have a spirit of gratitude. If you focus on the negative, you will talk yourself out of initiating.  God is the best initiator I know.  He provides and gives us blessings before we even ask for them. Let’s imitate Him!

Until next week . . .



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One thought on ““When Was The Last Time You Initiated?”

  1. Stan Featherstone on said:


    This is a vey timely challenge for me.

    Thank you!

    Very Respectfully, SF


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