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Can you say NO?

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Do you find yourself saying yes to things that you should be saying no?  Perhaps it is a substance, object or a person that you need to tell no but you haven’t been successful. It could also be something that you have been doing in excess and you need to stop therefore, you have to tell yourself no!  This week I encourage you to evaluate your life and ask God, what do I need to tell NO!  

The word no was created so that we could have boundaries in our life.  It is so important to learn how to use the word NO appropriately.  I am not suggesting that you say no to everything.  I am suggesting that you pray about when God would have you to answer with the word No and be obedient.  The problem comes when God has told us not to do something, not to eat something, not to touch something or to say no to something and we have said yes.  Saying yes, when we should be saying no is disobedience.   (Lord please forgive us!)

Each of us have areas of our lives that are difficult to tell no.  One of my struggles is with food that I know that I should not be eating.  I say this because the food makes me feel sick after I have eaten it or it causes some type of ache in my body.  I have learned that some foods should just be left out of my diet all together.  However, the flesh cries out and wants what it wants but enough is enough! If I am not careful the desire for the food begins to consume me and before you know it, I am eating something that I know that I should not have.  Remember God has given us a Helper and we must call on Him.  (Psalm 46:1)

When a substance (such as food), an object or a person over consumes you it has become your idol or your god.  When the craving is so strong that you can’t say no, it’s out of control.  That thing has more power over you than God ever intended.  It has become your god and the Bible says (Exodus 20:3, Deut. 5:7) You shall have no other gods before me and do not make idols for yourselves.  We must learn to give an appropriate no, enough is enough!  Practice self-denial and tell yourself no!

Lord please help us to give an appropriate NO! With God’s help, we can do it!

Until next week  . . .




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