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Have you tried pouring out?

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Do you have a lot on your mind?  Are you believing and waiting on God to do some great things in your life?  Maybe you are ready for a change, a change in your life, finances, career or in your marriage. Perhaps you are praying for some changes that need to happen in our world.   This week marks the beginning of the 40 day-Surrender Fast and if you are not fasting already, I encourage you to join me along with thousands who are in this season of fasting.    No matter what you are going through, believing God for or what season you are in, fasting and praying will make a difference.  This week I want to encourage you to do something that God keeps telling me to do.  Will you join me?  As we fast and pray, I can hear God saying, Carolyn I really want you to pour out your heart to me.  Sometimes we pour out to everyone but the Lord.

God wants more of us!  He really wants us to be open, honest and to talk to Him straight from the heart. To pour means to send (a liquid, fluid, or anything in loose) flowing or falling as from one container to another.  We must pour out everything in our container and give it to God.  Don’t hold back or leave anything untouched. God wants to hear from your heart.  Yes, He already knows but He wants you to take the time to pour out your heart before Him.  

So this week’s message is simple. Take time out of your schedule each day to pour out your heart before the Lord.  The following are scriptures that have encouraged me to pour out.

  • Psalm 62:8 – Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.
  • Psalm 142:2 – David said,  I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare before Him my trouble.
  • I Samuel 1:15 – Hannah answered and said “No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit.  I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink, but have poured out my soul before the Lord.”

There is power, strength, encouragement and victory in pouring out before the Lord! Know that God sees you, He cares for you and He will answer you.  I pray that you will pour out your heart like never before!

Until next week  . . .






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