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Are You Willing to Invest?


Often times we will go to training for our jobs, take an exercise class, but we will not invest the time and money in training for a successful marriage.  When your job implements a new computer system, equipment or a new practice they will send you to training so that you can come back to the office and apply what you have learned.  They want you to be skilled in using the equipment and in running the office successfully (think about how this applies to a relationship).  This week I want to encourage you to take classes, go to a workshop, seminar or training and invest in yourself or your marriage.

Did you know that there is a class that newlyweds can take to give their marriage a strong start?  My husband and I will be facilitating a class at First Baptist Church of Glenarden under the Couples Ministry.  Newlyweds are defined as couples  who are within their first three years of marriage. This class  is specifically for couples who are in their first marriage and willing to learn biblical principles for having a successful marriage.  Guess what?  The class is FREE.  Are you willing to make the investment?  The commitment is for 1 year (2x a month)  Do you know a couple who could benefit from a class like this?

After going to several marriage classes and attending couples training over the years,  I can honestly say that each has helped to build a stronger marriage.  My husband and I have learned something different in every class.  We realize that although we are approaching 19 years of marriage, we have not arrived.  There is always something to learn about each other or how to handle different seasons of marriage.

Whether you are a newlywed or you have been married for a long time, taking a marriage class is a great way to invest in your marriage.  I encourage the singles who would like to be married and engaged couples to take classes that will provide preparation for a successful marriage. Check out my book, “Marriage from A to Z for Singles,” (I have been told that it is a helpful tool in preparing for marriage.”

Remember this formula:  Information + Application = Transformation.  

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