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“Will you finish what you have started?”

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     “I am going to start exercising consistently!  I am going to get this weight off of me.  I am going to eat less.  I am going to start or stop doing something. I am going to participate in the January 2017 Fast.”  Does any of this sound familiar?  Many people made these statements just a few weeks ago (January 1st) but some where down the line have not been committed to making these statements a reality.  I heard a man say that he was going to start exercising consistently each week.  As of yesterday, he had only exercised two times in 24 days.  I think we all have good intentions and start off strong but somewhere down the road, we go back to our old ways of doing things.  This week’s message is simple, “Finish what you have started.”

Be encouraged to keep going!  As I reflect on the things that I want to accomplish, I want to encourage you to make it to the finish line.  (I really am writing to encourage my self, loll!) If you started the year with goals take a look at those goals every day.  One of the things that helps with making it to the finish line is to feed your mind with the right food each day.  Romans 12:2 says, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Each day you have to put good things in your mind.  Read the Word of God, books and articles pertaining to the subject or goal that you are trying to achieve.

Another thing that will help you make it to the finish line is accountability.  Find someone who will hold you accountable to the goal that you are trying to reach.  If exercising 3 times a week is the goal, find someone who has the same goal or a similar goal and hold each other accountable.

January is almost over and February is on the way.  Are you still making steps to accomplish your goals/dreams?  Pray and actively do something towards your goal every day, if not every week.  Know that it takes commitment and consistency to accomplish your goal.  Remind yourself of how great you will feel when you have finished what you started.  

Until next week  . . .



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One thought on ““Will you finish what you have started?”

  1. Kathi Edwards on said:

    It takes the internal commitment to change in order to continue the journey to change.

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