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Does Media Mess with Marriage?

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     Have you ever heard of a couple getting into an argument because of something pertaining to some form of media? I have! Some singles have even broken relationships because of something revealed in the media.

   How does this happen? I am so glad that you asked.  It usually happens when a husband, wife or significant other  has shared something on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, an email  or simply a text on their phone that is inappropriate or that has been shared at an inappropriate time with someone of the opposite sex. Another common issue is simply spending too much time on social media and very little time socializing with your those who are most important. Can anyone relate to what I am saying? 

      I know that Social Media is very popular today, but don’t let it mess with your marriage or your life for that matter. One bad text, message  or inappropriate picture can negatively impact a good marriage/relationship. I have seen it happen. We must be careful about the words that we share and the pictures that we post. Remember the enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy marriages by any means necessary (John 10:10). Be not ignorant of the enemy’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). 

    Here are a few tips:

  1. Establish some social media boundaries with your spouse. 
  2. Agree upon appropriate and inappropriate times to text and send messages.
  3. When you are having a meal at the table or having family time, give your spouse, children your undivided attention. 
  4. Determine appropriate pictures to share.
  5. Don’t share or say anything on social media that is not a good reflection of you and your spouse. More importantly represent Christ well!
  6. Guard your bed and what you allow to come between you and your spouse. Have you brought Media into your bed?
  7. Use social media to build your marriage/spouse, not tear it down.   Only share and say things that are good, praiseworthy and of good report.
  8. Determine what is okay with you and what is not.  Share with your spouse.
  9. Check yourself. How are you doing with managing social media? Do you need to make some changes?  If you are not sure, ask your spouse. 
  10. Remember that social media can be a great tool but it must be used properly.

I have seen too many marriages negatively impacted by an inappropriate use of social media. Let’s not allow something that can be a blessing to mess with our marriage/relationships.

Until next week! 



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2 thoughts on “Does Media Mess with Marriage?

  1. Nicole on said:

    There is great wisdom in this post! I have too often heard the justification of spouses desiring to “maintain friendships” with friends of the opposite sex—-“we were friends before I got married, so why should that change now?” That sounds honorable and may be well-meaning. But unwittingly, the social media monster can set-up spouses—-setting off bombs and traps that undermine the marriage. Is your marriage worth any opposite sex friendship you had in the past—no matter how “innocent” it may be? Carolyn offers great principles to effectively manage the potential negative impact of social media on marriages. Please heed this warning.

  2. Janice Octavia Nelson on said:

    Great Blog! From the words of the wise Nana… ‘daughter when you marry do not have a television in your bedroom. Twenty-five years later… what a blast!!! All media is stopped in our together time period. Thanks for sharing

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