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So many people desire and dream of moving from the status of being single to being married.  Everyone talks about the wedding, the honeymoon and having a wonderful life together.  However, one of the things that will hinder having a wonderful life together is when the husband/wife or both still have a single mindset.  When your status changes “from single to married”  your mind also needs to change.    This is very important because if you get married but still act like you are single, there will be trouble.  Having the right mindset is one of the keys to a successful marriage.

As a single, you really don’t have to care for anyone but yourself.  You can come and go as you please without having to answer to anyone.  A single person has the freedom to make decisions, spend money, and go places without having to consider a spouse. They can socialize with the opposite sex and not think about how it will affect another person.  It’s like being able to go outside and play with out having any curfews.  However, the goal of a godly single should be to live a life that pleases God (I Corinthians 7:32-35).  When this is your goal, your decisions and behavior will line up with God’s word.

A husband and a wife needs to be willing to adjust their mindset for each other. Your focus should be how to please one another (I Corinthians 7:32-35).    Having the right mindset is so important because it will determine your decisions and your behavior throughout your marriage.  If one is stuck on the single life and only doing what pleases him/herself  the marriage will suffer.  You may not have the right mindset when you first get married, but you can develop the right mindset.   The marriage mindset can be developed through prayer, learning God’s plan for marriage and also learning your spouse and what pleases them.   When one has a marriage mindset, they care and consider their spouse in every decision, choice and behavior.  The question that one should ask is, “How will this affect or impact my wife/husband?”   If you know that the decision or behavior will not be welcomed, appreciated and bring joy to your spouse, reconsider.

Successfully changing your status “from single to married” requires have a changed mindset.

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